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GMS provides same-day or next-day specialist referrals for any medical specialty.

GMS has longstanding relationships with area hospitals and providers that allow us to quickly schedule appointments with specialists. We provide transportation, medications and follow-up care for all specialty referrals.

Dental Services

GMS contracts with local dentists to provide high-quality dental care seven days a week.

Eye Care

GMS contracts with local eye care practitioners to secure same day appointments.
We can accommodate:

  • Medically related eye conditions

  • Routine eye exams

  • Fittings for contact lenses

  • Replacement eyeglasses


GMS is equipped to facilitate a variety of imaging and diagnostic procedures, including shipboard x-ray services, EKG, and laboratory services.
In the event that a crew member requires a more complicated imaging study, GMS has extensive resources for around the clock procedures and interpretation.
GMS will schedule appointments, arrange transportation and handle all necessary follow up.

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