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We are a GLOBAL Medical Supplies distributor. We have incorporated into our portfolio the distribution of personal protection materials and sanitization products. through a strategic alliance we provide health personnel for contingencies ( doctors,nursing and practitioner personnel )

GMS Medical Clinic where our clinical specialists can provide additional medical services in a modern, fully-equipped medical facilities.


GMS works with ship crews from around the world. We have regional and global knowledge of required and recommended immunizations. We offer expert counsel on appropriate immunizations, and are fully stocked toadminister both routine and hard-to-find vaccines. We ensure proper immunizations and anti-malarial prescriptions when appropriate.

We also provide complete documentation of yellow fever vaccinations and cholera waivers for ships traveling to countries with documentation requirements.

Drug Testing

GMS provides shipboard drug testing services 24 hours a day for all drug testing scenarios such as:

  • Post-accident follow up

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Coast Guard required testing

  • Routine or random testing

24-Hour Telephone Advice

GMS offers medical advice to ships at sea 24 hours a day, and we coordinate evacuations with the Uruguayan Coast Guard when necessary.

Medical Supplies & other services: Bienvenidos
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